Does someone in your life desperately need and deserve dental work? Play Tooth Fairy and nominate them for the chance to win a new smile!

The HALO Dental Network relies on a nomination process to identify the most deserving recipients. While you cannot nominate yourself, we encourage you to nominate anyone in your life experiencing dental distress to receive up to $50,000 in free dental procedures.

Before starting your nomination, have you read HALO’s tips on how to make your nominee stand out?    Learn more by clicking here. 

Please fill out the form below to share their story and give them the opportunity to smile again. These questions are to help us coordinate care for your nominee, if chosen. Please be as detailed as you can.


HALO relies on a nominating process to identify deserving individuals to receive a HALO Smile. All nominees must be nominated by someone other than themselves; self-nominations are not accepted. The HALO team then works to review and select the recipients.

How HALO Works
Raquel After Dental Work

How to Nominate Someone in Your Life

It’s easy! All you have to do is fill out a form describing your nominee, their dental struggles and how it impacts their life. But before you do, we highly suggest reading the tips below, previous and sample nominations.

The Best Nominations

What does the HALO team look for in a nomination? The best nominations:

  • Are as complete and detailed as possible.
  • Clearly identify your relation to the nominee.
  • Tells a captivating and detailed story about your nominee’s dental journey and how it impacts their life. This means more than three sentences.
  • Are honest and authentic.
  • Are powerful, heartfelt stories that connect with us on an emotional level.
Lee After Dental Work
Stevie Before Dental WorkStevie After Dental Work

Tips & Tricks

Consider the following when describing your nominee:

  • What caused the nominee’s dental situation? How serious is their situation?
  • What differences have you noticed in your nominee since these issues began?
  • What makes your nominee especially deserving of a HALO Smile?
  • How would your nominee’s life be different with a smile?
  • Why do YOU want to see your nominee smile?
  • What makes your nominee special?