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At HALO, we take the time to really get to know and love each of our HALO Smile recipients. We see the hardships the nominees face, the emotional distress and physical pain. But we are also honored to witness firsthand how their HALO Smile inspires new confidence, joy and opportunities for these amazing individuals. HALO Smiles change lives in so many ways. See it for yourself – the evidence is below.

Introducing Lee

Lee, an Army Veteran, chef and family man who does not allow his paralysis to get in his way, was nominated by his wife. After years of facing dental struggles, the associated stigmas and misjudgments, HALO was able to gift this vet with the impeccable smile he deserves.

Thanks to the fine work of The Tooth Fairy Army’s Dr. Eric Wood, DDS, Lee now has an implant supported overdenture on the top and bottom.

As handsome as ever, Lee is serving up his delicious cuisine to his family with a HALO Smile!

Does someone in your life deserve to smile like Lee?

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Before After

Say Hello to Stevie

Stevie is a legend HALO Smile recipient, nominated by the legendary Steve-O of MTV’s Jackass. Our first celebrity nominee, you may recognize Stevie from “The Untold Story of Steve-O’s Fake Teeth” or perhaps from Fox 11 News’ article, “Dentist and MTV star make a difference for Crivitz man with free dental work.”

Relying on Twitter and his unending supply of tenacity, Stevie secured his HALO Smile and expanded the HALO network. But, even then, he insisted he was not in search of a hand-out, but rather a hand-up – and the results were a total glow up!

HALO’s fearless leader, Dr. Brady Smith perfected this young man’s smile with an implant supported denture on the top and bottom.

Stevie’s indomitable spirit, passion and determination became a catalyst for HALO’s growth. We are eternally grateful.

Here's Bobbi!

Bobbi was the first Dr. Brady’s first HALO Smiles! She partially inspired and set the tone for HALO’s mission. Fraught with the stigmas associated with dental struggles, plus a healthy fear of dentists, Bobbi’s dental situation deteriorated over time – something HALO hears all too often. 

Fortunately, Dr. Brady stepped in and restored her smile with an upper implant supported denture, lower bridge work combined with implants. 

With her glow up complete, Bobbi smiles as brilliantly as Hollywood’s brightest stars while continuing to inspire HALO’s mission.  

Before After
Before After

Meet Christian

Nominated by his cousin, Christian is an excellent father, hard worker and epileptic. Unfortunately, he suffered a seizure while driving, resulting in the loss of his front teeth. Without proper dental insurance, he suffered for 12 years, until he met HALO. 

Dr. Erica Lenz, DDS and esteemed member of HALO’s Tooth Fairy Army, performed a six unit bridge to perfect his smile. 

Christian is currently busy sharing his beautiful smile with his two daughters.

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Check out Raquel!

With an infectious spirit, Raquel is one of our most grateful and humble HALO Smile recipients. For years, Raquel wanted to smile more than she wanted a house, car or anything material. 

Veteran of The Tooth Fairy Army, Dr. Erica Lenz, DDS, perfected Raquel’s smile by using a combination of crowns and dental implants. Dr. Lens and her wonderful staff went above and beyond to make Raquel comfortable, helping her to conquer her dental fears. Keep smiling, Raquel!

“Dr. Lenz – meeting her was
the greatest blessing I’ve had.”

– Raquel

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