Stevie is a legend HALO Smile recipient, nominated by the legendary Steve-O of MTV’s Jackass. Our first celebrity nominee, you may recognize Stevie from “The Untold Story of Steve-O’s Fake Teeth” or perhaps from Fox 11 News’ article, “Dentist and MTV star make a difference for Crivitz man with free dental work.”

Relying on Twitter and his unending supply of tenacity, Stevie secured his HALO Smile and expanded the HALO network. But, even then, he insisted he was not in search of a hand-out, but rather a hand-up – and the results were a total glow up!

HALO’s fearless leader, Dr. Brady Smith perfected this young man’s smile with an implant supported denture on the top and bottom.

Stevie’s indomitable spirit, passion and determination became a catalyst for HALO’s growth. We are eternally grateful.

Stevie Before Dental WorkStevie After Dental Work